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You never need to preface anything with “interesting if true” now that you have access to this fantastic list of fact-checking sites on in a post was adapted from VerificationJunkie, a directory of tools for assessing the validity of social-media and user-generated content. The author is Josh Stearns, director of the journalism sustainability […]

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The New Scientist reports that Google wants to rank websites based on how truthful they are. This could potentially go a long way for helping identify authority and credibility of Web sources.

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5 years ago, the data in Edublogging showed that bloggers were not paying attention to image copyright. It’s still an issue.

Nancy Wurtzel shares her experience of discovering just how important it is to reference any image used on the Web:

My final admonishment to bloggers and others: Don’t do what I did.  The […]

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Congratulations George Siemens

On 14 January 2014 By

George Siemens wrote the forward to Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers. At that time, he was launching his first MOOC, which was actually THE first MOOC. Now he’s in charge of the Bill and Melinda Gates MOOC Research Initiative.

What floors me in this article […]

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This is exactly one of the issue raised in this book which was published in 2008:

Elise Andrew runs the most popular Science page on facebook. I know so, because I see her content reshared dozens of times daily in my news feed. Well, it’s not really her content, but I’ll get […]

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