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I try to read everything about blogging and edublogging that I can find. I have RSS feeds set up to try and catch everything on the Web and read up on it and share with others via this blog.

This evening, I came across a tweet from Danielle Sales that read:

How Do […]

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An article in yesterday’s LA Times reported in the increase of lawsuits in the US involving bloggers, specifically in regards to slander, defamation and threats, but also misinformation.

Media law experts repeat the advice that bloggers and e-mailers need to think twice before sending a message.

“The first thing people need to realize, they […]

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Great insights by award-winning Karenne Sylvester on the importance of edublogging.

I’ve decided to do this, partly on here but also, mainly, by specifically offering guest articles to my fellow Edu-bloggers  because it  is, in my humble opinion, working with your community that is one of the most, one of  the […]

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It’s great when individuals such as La Flecha can see that a blog is more than just a soap box or a diary but can see it as a means for initiating interaction within their personal learning network.

Up until the recent #ntcamp (my first-ever teacher-conference), I really saw my blog […]

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If your goal is to be a successful blogger,  you might want to read the the 8 habits of highly effective bloggers. Annabel Candy elaborates on:

Effective bloggers are prolific Effective bloggers are concise Effective bloggers are analytical Effective bloggers are lifelong learners Effective bloggers are focused and consistent Effective bloggers plan ahead […]

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