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If your goal is to be a successful blogger,  you might want to read the the 8 habits of highly effective bloggers. Annabel Candy elaborates on:

Effective bloggers are prolific Effective bloggers are concise Effective bloggers are analytical Effective bloggers are lifelong learners Effective bloggers are focused and consistent Effective bloggers plan ahead […]

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Professor Michael Eisenberg Talks Critical Thinking Today in a great expose about literacy and critical thinking skills.

How has the need for Internet literacy and critical thinking skills in students changed in the last 5-10 years? Are they getting smarter by the time they get to the University of Washington?

The need for […]

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EduBlogging Eco-Systems

On 26 April 2010 By

Great article and postcast by Glen Groulx about edublogging.

This is a learning object prepared by Glenn Groulx about edublogging. It contains five rich pictures, a brief text description, and a 12 minute podcast.

Centralized edublogging systems Decentralized edublogging systems Distributed edublogging systems


EduBlogging Eco-Systems | Glenn’s posterous | Glen […]

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I’m in total agreement with George Siemens that journalism serves as a test ground for education. For example, when studying training and development bloggers, I used a lot of the journalism theory on blogging.

Journalism serves as a test ground for education. What has happened in journalism will also happen in education: breakdown […]

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I’m not sure if I would agree that these are the 4 pillars of blogging, but it is most definitely great advice about blogging.

Guiding principles

Recently, a few people have been asking me for blogging advice, mainly around getting started. This got me thinking…

What are my guiding principles for […]

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