This is exactly one of the issue raised in this book which was published in 2008:

Elise Andrew runs the most popular Science page on facebook. I know so, because I see her content reshared dozens of times daily in my news feed. Well, it’s not really her content, but I’ll get back to that in a minute. The point is, I F*cking Love Scienceis big. By posting photos, cartoons, news snippets and other science-related tidbits gathered off the internet, it has gathered nearly 5 million followers.

While studying bloggers, academics even, and what I noted was that they would properly reference articles and other websites, even charts. But images were significantly more often than not referenced.

And with Google Search by Image (, it is no longer acceptable to say “Oh I didn’t know where it came from”.

I’ve been commenting on a lot of pages with stolen photos and/or artwork letting them know where their sources come from.

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