Written back in January of 2007, this rationale for educational blogging is as relevant as ever.

I’ve highlighted the points that I find most relevant from this very informative blog post by Anne Davis (Information Systems Training Specialist in the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education at Georgia State University).

Rationale for educational blogging

  • Blogs are reshaping our environment. They are beginning to emerge in large numbers in the educational field and offer great potential to transform learning and teaching. It is about new literacies appropriate for this time.
  • Blogs provide a space for sharing opinions and learning in order to grow communities of discourse and knowledge
  • Blogs help learners to see knowledge as interconnected as opposed to a set of discrete facts.
  • Blogs can give students a totally new perspective on the meaning of voice.
  • Blogs foster ownership and choice.
  • The opportunity for collective and collaborative learning is enormous.
  • Blogging provides the possibility of connecting with experts
  • Blogging engages students in conversation and learning
  • Blogging encourages global conversations about learning
  • Blogging affords us the opportunity to teach responsible public writing


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