The findings in Patricia McDonald’s article on authority and credibility in the realm of social media do not surprise me at all. The reality is that social media provides a platform for self-appointed experts who propogate their opinion across the social media sphere. The more opinions there are, the more social media platforms there are, the more chance that conflicting opinions get juxtaposed, creating uncertainty, therefore bringing into question “expert opinion”.

Will social media eat itself?

In difficult times, we are drawn to authority: we want there to be expert opinions and definitive answers
As the network expands, connections weaken: It is perhaps inevitable that the bigger our networks get, the less absolute trust we have in the individuals within them.

As social media adopts the behaviours of old media, it loses credibility: We’ve pay per tweet, but the influx of blunt commercial messages into Social Media does seem to be impacting trust.

Genuinely useful and relevant uses of the social graph have been slow to emerge: Some of the developments we’ve collectively been most enthused by seem to have stalled in development.


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