It’s great when individuals such as La Flecha can see that a blog is more than just a soap box or a diary but can see it as a means for initiating interaction within their personal learning network.

Up until the recent #ntcamp (my first-ever teacher-conference), I really saw my blog as mostly a place for me to work out my thoughts and elicit feedback from fellow teachers and bloggers about my experience — out of a desire to share and understand my situation, but my thinking has developed seeing it as a tool to actively grow as a teacher through interactions with colleagues and others who care about education. I recently learned that what I was seeking or attempting to develop was a PLN, or personal learning network.

Personally, I understand where La Flecha is coming from, but in order to move one’s blog from a our own diary to a personal learning network, one must build an audience with whom one interacts with on their blog, other wise, it will never move much further than a journal.


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