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If you haven’t starting blogging yet, this HBR Article might just convince you.

Indeed, if you want to shape public opinion, you need to be the one creating the narrative. A fascinating study last year by Yahoo Research showed that only 20,000 Twitter users (a mere .05% of the user base at the […]

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Interesting commentary on the authority and credibility of Internet information: 98% of people from the United States distrust information found on the Internet. According to the survey of 1,900 Americans, 98% distrust information found on the Internet, with 94% saying “bad things can happen as a result of acting on inaccurate information online. Here’s why: Continue Reading

Professor Michael Eisenberg Talks Critical Thinking Today in a great expose about literacy and critical thinking skills.

How has the need for Internet literacy and critical thinking skills in students changed in the last 5-10 years? Are they getting smarter by the time they get to the University of Washington?

The need for […]

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The findings in Patricia McDonald’s article on authority and credibility in the realm of social media do not surprise me at all. The reality is that social media provides a platform for self-appointed experts who propogate their opinion across the social media sphere. The more opinions there are, the more social media platforms […]

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Journalists are getting their information from the Web, but is Web Content reliable?

A full copy of the George Washington University and Cision 2009 Social Media & Online Usage Study is also available for download.

A national survey, conducted by Cision and Don Bates of The George Washington University, found that an overwhelming […]

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