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This whole article about making yourself accessible to readers is really worth a read and has some excellent advice for beginners as well as seasoned bloggers.

Today I want to share a powerful principle of successful blogging… that I wish I was better at.


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Rationale for Edublogging

On 22 February 2010 By

Written back in January of 2007, this rationale for educational blogging is as relevant as ever.

I’ve highlighted the points that I find most relevant from this very informative blog post by Anne Davis (Information Systems Training Specialist in the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education at Georgia State University).

Rationale […]

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Journalists are under pressure to write stories so quickly. But is the speed of putting out content causing blogging journalist to make monumental mistakes like lifting content from another source “by accident”?

Five days ago, Robert Thomson, the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, wrote a letter to The Times’ executive editor, Bill Keller, […]

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