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It’s great when individuals such as La Flecha can see that a blog is more than just a soap box or a diary but can see it as a means for initiating interaction within their personal learning network.

Up until the recent #ntcamp (my first-ever teacher-conference), I really saw my blog […]

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EduBlogging Eco-Systems

On 26 April 2010 By

Great article and postcast by Glen Groulx about edublogging.

This is a learning object prepared by Glenn Groulx about edublogging. It contains five rich pictures, a brief text description, and a 12 minute podcast.

Centralized edublogging systems Decentralized edublogging systems Distributed edublogging systems


EduBlogging Eco-Systems | Glenn’s posterous | Glen […]

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Brandon Hall Research has invited Kristina Schneider, author of Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers to join their group of bloggers.

Workplace Learning Today is a group effort by senior Brandon Hall Research analysts Janet Clarey, Richard Nantel, Tom Werner, Gary Woodill, and now Kristina […]

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On March 9, 2010, Kristina Schneider (@technogenii) will be presenting a Webinar on Edublogging based on the research in her book: Edublogging: A Qualitative Study of Training and Development Bloggers.

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In this innovative research project, Kristina Schnider explores what it mean to be a blogger in the field of training and development.

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