Sue Waters really covers the basics quite well when she developed this tutorial for edublogging beginners. It combines the most important aspects in regards to style, content and efficiency.

The aim of the post is to help educators and students with their personal blogging.

Here’s my thoughts including recommended widgets:Order of widgets in sidebar

  1. Always put the most important widgets at the top of your blog
  2. Search widget – top of blog or top of sidebar
  3. RSS feed using Feedburner – here’s how to add it to your blog
  4. Subscribe by email using Feedburner – here’s how to add Feeburner email subscription to your blog
  5. Effectively use both categories and tags on your post to make it easier to find posts – here’s the difference between categories and tags

And that’s just the beginning.

There is so much more in Sue Water’s tutorial and I recommend it strongly.


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